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A History of The Waitati Film Society - the first 40 years

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A mere 25Km north of Dunedin in New Zealand’s South Island is the small inlet of Blueskin Bay. Scattered around it are three small settlements, Waitati, Evansdale and Warrington. Not far beyond are Seacliff and Purakanui. It is somewhat amazing that such a small population of around 1,400 people has managed to sustain a film society for 40 years when far larger centres have long since lost their’s.

This history covers the evolution and sometimes uncertain maintenance of this organisation as it continued to enrich the cultural environment of the district.

Despite modern technology negating the necessity for people to gather in one place to enjoy the rich offerings of film, the Society has continued to attract devotees. However it swims against a tide that encourages people to remain in front of a small screen in the comfort, yet isolation, of their own homes. So whether the Society continues to exist or not, this written history will always remain as a record that documents the colourful people and events that were the Waitati Film Society over its first 40 years.




Earlier Film Screenings


Anxious Moments




Natural History Films and Floods


Finances and Projection


1990s to 2016




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